Contactless Card Payments Limit Increased From £30 to £45 in UK

UK contactless card payment

Contactless payments limit in the UK increases from £30 to £45 is being seen as Another blow for cash payments in United Kingdom. This will off course help the customers to save time during checkout at retail stores.

After much speculation, the contactless payments limit in the UK increases from £30 to £45. It has been under discussion for some time but recent Covid-19 developments have accelerated the decision and communication processes.

Effective from 1 April 2020, there will be a lengthy and phased migration for consumers and across merchant sectors. This will be further complicated by the retail temporary closures as a result of the steps to manage Covid-19.

All stakeholders, especially cardholders and merchants should welcome the increase. There will of course be concerns about fraud on contactless payments, but we should remember that current fraud figures show fraud on contactless payments is just 2.5p in every £100 spent.

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Kevin Smith is a Senior Payment Services & Risk Management Consultant & Industry Advisor at and permanent member of AIRFA. He helps businesses in the payment sector perform better, in complying with regulation, doing more business, challenging partners and/or helping to put things right when they go wrong and if/when regulators, card-schemes and other parties start to challenge what our clients are doing.


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